جوال ايفون 14 برو ماكس الجديد من ابل (1 تيرا) – فضي

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Amazon.sa Price: 7.699,00 ر.س (as of 10/04/2023 12:00 PST- Details)

شاشة ريتنا سوبر XDR‏‏ مقاس 6.7 إنش بميزة تشغيل دوماً وتكنولوجيا ProMotion
Dynamic Island، طريقة سحرية جديدة للتفاعل مع iPhone
كاميرا رئيسية 48MP تقدم وضوحاً أعلى لغاية 4x‎‏


شاشة ريتنا سوبر XDR‏‏ مقاس 6.7 إنش بميزة تشغيل دوماً وتكنولوجيا ProMotion
Dynamic Island، طريقة سحرية جديدة للتفاعل مع iPhone
كاميرا رئيسية 48MP تقدم وضوحاً أعلى لغاية 4x‎‏
النمط السينمائي يصوّر الآن فيديو 4K Dolby Imaginative and prescient لغاية 30 إطاراً في الثانية
نمط الحركة لالتقاط مشاهد مصورة باليد في منتهى الثبات والسلاسة
تكنولوجيا حيوية للسلامة – ميزة اكتشاف الاصطدام،1 تطلب عنك المساعدة عندما تعجز عن طلبها
بطارية تدوم طوال اليوم مع ما يصل إلى 29 ساعة من تشغيل الفيديو
A16 بايونك، أفضل شريحة في هاتف ذكي، وشبكة 5G فائقة السرعة للاتصال الخلوي
متانة رائدة في مجالها بفضل درع السيراميك ومقاومة الماء‏
iOS 16 يقدم طرقاً أكثر للتخصيص والتواصل والمشاركة

56 مراجعة لـ جوال ايفون 14 برو ماكس الجديد من ابل (1 تيرا) – فضي

  1. Matthew


    Dude, are you really about to spend this much on a used phone

    Apple hasn’t made a relevant change to any phone since the 7. Are you really going to spend $1300 for a used phone? Just get an older one, it is the same thing.

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  2. Olesya Koltsova

    Olesya Koltsova

    Excellent IPhone

    iPhone 13 pro max is excellent! Very fast delivery! I’m is happy 😊

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  3. keturah agnew

    keturah agnew

    locked with verizon

    i ordered a “unlocked” phone but when i tried to activate it apple support told me the phone is locked with verizon !!!

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  4. abdinasir


    Worst phone ever

    I had the phone it is the worst it is not worth it’s money. Don’t buy this phone the camera was horrible and it so glitchy and it turns of randomly sometimes and it take hours for something to dowanload

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  5. Samuel Snyder

    Samuel Snyder

    Save your money

    This is least favorite iPhone I’ve had . Actually probably my last one . Had it only about 2 months and camera is junk . Won’t focus takes awful pictures. Spectrums fix to this is send it to Utah for up to 9 days. It’s not up to me to do the leg work . They basically said sorry for your luck.

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    El iPhone 13 pro max es un Diseño hermoso por Apple

    El producto llegó en buenas condiciones, pero para la entrega tienes q recibirlo tú mismo y si trabajas y no hay nadie en casa eso es un problema. Otro detalle q el teléfono tiene una pequeña raya cerca de l cámara no es notable, pero en la nota dise PARECE NUEVO, ES COMO NUEVO. 🧐😒. Funciona bien, incluye cargador.

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  7. Aramis


    Couldn’t tell that it was renewed

    I’m pretty sure the iPhone I got was unused and labeled “renewed” because it’s out of the original box. Idk if this a good thing or bad thing. Obviously the price is higher than it should be but if you just have to get an unlocked iPhone 13 pro max from Amazon then everything was good to go even came with a charger and cable

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  8. Quashaun



    BRANDNEW ON APPLE.COM I brought one before I knew they were cheaper on Apple I spent 1,547.60 just to receive it and had camera failure front or back camera didn’t work. Returned it and it was a hassle to get my refund had to do the most. Not even worth 1star.

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  9. Luna


    Me encanto peroooo…..

    Estaba tan emocionada de recibir el iPhone y cuando lo abrí la verdad me decepcione un poco por qué no venía en su caja original era sólo blanca y por la cantidad que se paga uno espera que venga con todos los accesorios, también mandaron un cargador ese es punto a su favor!El celular venía sin rayones la pantalla muy bien me encanto, lo malo en la parte de las cámaras venía un poco sucio traía como polvo lo limpié y quedo perfecto!. Pensé en regresarlo pero la verdad me encanto y el celular funciona muy bien.Yo creo que comprar el linea lleva sus riesgos de que te lleguen las cosas mal, tal vez sea mejor comprar en la tienda apple. Le di 3 estrellas por que me llego un poco sucio y sin la caja original fuera de eso el cel estaba perfecto!.A los que venden el producto por favor límpienlos antes de mandarlos!! Pagamos mucho y esperamos recibir todo bien. Gracias!😊

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  10. Azul


    Teléfono de calidad

    Este teléfono le gusto mucho a mis hija,tiene reconocimiento facial,tiene buena calidad de pantalla,es excelente

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  11. Odemary Kisaka

    Odemary Kisaka

    Good quality

    I like the phone

  12. Ken


    FaceID not functioning

    Phone came with FaceID not functioning

  13. Dylan Stanley

    Dylan Stanley

    Will not work on straight talk!

    Product came in great condition and worked fine except you cannot connect it to straight talk wireless

  14. Nunya



    Way too expensive to be renewed. Why pay 500 more for a used item and I can get it brand new and save $500. This item needs to be removed.

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  15. Martin V.

    Martin V.

    Consideraciones al comprar

    La pantalla venía con bastantes rayas encima como si se hubiera raspado con algo en el suelo, la verdad no es algo que afecte al funcionamiento, no obstante antes había comprado un producto renewed en condición “buena” pero no estaba en estás condiciones

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  16. Brenden Kutchko

    Brenden Kutchko

    Very Overpriced

    You can buy this phone with 1TB memory BRAND NEW from your service provider or Apple for $200 cheaper. Don’t buy this. Way way overpriced, especially for a used/ renewed phone.

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  17. A.J.


    Coming from android, apple IOS is a big disappointment, though it does do some things well.

    I could write so much, but it all boils down to apple IOS being about 5-7 years behind developement of android. The ability to customize something as basic as the keyboard (to the effective degree you can in android) is frustratingly absent, and you are stuck with the most basic of keyboards that require you to have to flip through different keyboard screens just to get to common things like a questionmark.Phone specific, the cameras and what not are good, but the screen colors are a tad washed out/pale, and there really isn’t a fix for it.All and all, my next phone won’t be an iphone, apple IOS is just too archaic and undeveloped compared to android, but the phone is decent enough that I’ll hang on to it for a year or so before upgrading, which is something I don’t usually do, given my last phone was a Note 9 that I used for 4 years. Wanting to upgrade after a year is what happens when apple’s flagship phone is crippled by a severely lacking operating system…

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  18. Muy bueno

    Muy bueno

    Es mejor el Samsung galaxy que los iPhone

    The best Samsung galaxy

  19. Tanece


    The phone came locked

    The phone came locked

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  20. Christopher Lafferty

    Christopher Lafferty

    Powerful phone

    I love the look and power of my iPhone! The battery life is great, too. I put a clear case, and a screen protector on to keep it safe.

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  21. Adrian


    With that price you may as well buy new.

    I could get an iPhone along with the protection from theft plan for like $1,500 lol 😂 if we had that kind of money up front, why’d we be looking for refurbished tech?

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  22. Tony P.

    Tony P.


    I was pleasantly surprised the Phone was in immaculate condition not a single scratch or not 1 major malfunction I’m a very satisfied customer

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  23. Tracy


    Just what was expected

    Very nice, came brand new and I love it

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  24. Logan Melo

    Logan Melo

    Priced a little high but worth it

    The description says renewed but mine came fully packaged in apple packaging with no tampering with any of it,I got a brand new iPhone and I’m currently loving it but yea the price needs to be lowered

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  25. Bishoy Sam

    Bishoy Sam

    Big scratch on the phone that is cost more than a brand new phone!!

    Big scratch on the phone that cost more than a brand new phone!!

  26. wanghuo


    High price

    Toooo high prpice if i have this money i can buya new phone at apple why will i want to buy this phone? Thats renewed?

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  27. Reyna


    Bueno como nuevo

    Vida de la bacteria en 100

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  28. Sam Davila

    Sam Davila

    Don’t work

    No box phone turned on but can not make any calls nor messages

  29. Allan


    El teléfono está en perfectas condiciones y sin señales de uso

    Parece un teléfono nuevo y lo mejor es que viene libre de fábrica

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  30. Murphy


    My phone is missing

    I was robbed in this site my i phone 13 pro max was taking.I only receive phone charger

  31. Dominador Felicitas

    Dominador Felicitas

    Product Quality

    There were visible dents on the dge of the phone chassis where the screen glass and chassis meet.

  32. Dahcluv



    Excellent Apple product; Amazon did an excellent job with the delivery. The phone arrived in excellent condition; I highly recommend buying the warranty plan.

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  33. Michael Okyere Darko

    Michael Okyere Darko


    I’m enjoying the device and it’s working perfectly well.

  34. Joel


    ¡Precio demasiado de caro para un dispositivo renovado!

    El precio es ridiculamente caro para un dispositivo renovado, no le dan garantia de que la clasificacion IP68 quede presente en el dispositivo y puede que ya no sea totalmente resistente al agua… ademas por unos 100 dolares mas o menos aproximadamente, puede conseguir el iPhone 14 Pro Max nuevo de Apple directamente o una tienda de servicio de celular. NO SIGAN COMPRANDO DE ESTE/A ABUSADOR, ni un iPhone 13 Pro Max cuesta tanto!!! ABRAN LOS OJOS!

  35. Komal


    paid $1200 and can’t get apple care for it

    this is the worst experience ever, finally switched to apple from samsung and the iphone 16 pro max i bought after spending $1200 cannot get apple care because its renewed where do i go from here?

  36. jorgesa


    En buen estado, como nuevo

    Buen estado, como nuevo

  37. Amazon Customer

    Amazon Customer

    Don’t walk, run away from this phone!!

    I traded up my iPhone 12 pro max hoping to get away from the green screen problems, and the massive battery drain that was never addressed with that phone. After upgrading to the iPhone 13 Pro Max I found myself in the same situation but only worse, I didn’t think that would be possible, now the screen is green and pinkish purple??? This is just another example of a Millie mouse garbage that Apple insist upon shoving down peoples throat, they don’t care about quality, all they care about is spying on you and selling you polished junk, they lie about basically everything with the capabilities of these devices, this company needs to be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, do you hear that Mr. Cook!!.

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  38. alextobi


    Device Unoriginal

    I received this device today. It came in a white box the inside was shaky. When I opened it the device was dead there was a charger I didn’t find a sim remover. After I was done charging the device I turned it on and the device was on the home screen. The apps were different from an Apple service. I have returned the device and will update the review based on the outcome of the issue. I also have a video of the device which has the IMEI and personal device info so I won’t post it now

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  39. Blake Leon Panuco

    Blake Leon Panuco

    Good phone but…

    I haven’t used an IPhone for long time and I do like this one. However I can’t lie when I say there’s so many features that I miss on androids. Of course there’s unique features with this IPhone I very much appreciate. The battery life is great so far and I love that I can see the battery percentage of my Bluetooth ear buds. However, I’m VERY disappointed with the charger this phone comes with. 1 week of use and the charger was already refusing to charge my phone. Had mornings where my phone didn’t charge at all overnight and it was frustrating having to go to work with low battery. I had no choice but to buy my own separate lightning charger which works completely fine after 1 month of use. Overall good phone and works like new.

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  40. Jonathan C.

    Jonathan C.

    Received Super Fast Shipping

    All is as expected

  41. Eduardo Bermudez

    Eduardo Bermudez

    producto en muy buenas condiciones

    El teléfono llegó en perfectas condiciones con la batería al 100% llegó con un cargador compatible no el original pero de buena calidad una exelente inversión

  42. Sadip raut

    Sadip raut

    Damaged phone

    Phone screen was damaged …waste of time …

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  43. Natalia


    Its good and kinda cheep you should buy it

    Storage its awesome

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  44. Carmen


    Holding up pretty well

    Had this iPhone for a solid while now and it’s holding up rather well, occasional facial recognition issues, battery life still rlly good, audio quality and everything is good and the extra storage is nice

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  45. Ron


    Iphone13’s are TRASH!


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  46. Raj Upadhyaya

    Raj Upadhyaya

    A great iPhone!

    The media could not be loaded.

     I got this phone for my friend, who had an old iPhone.

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  47. aylin


    Apple has them at 1,099.00

    You could buy a new one at Apple Store for 1,099.00 and NEW

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  48. Ramiro Jaime

    Ramiro Jaime

    Not worth the price

    Battery no goodHard to get wifi reception

  49. Moe


    It’s renewed but it just like new

    I loved everything in it

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  50. Grant


    Priced way too high

    These are renewed items which means they aren’t even brand new yet cost more than the iPhones that are brand new at apple. Disgusting and fraudulent.

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  51. Luiz carlos

    Luiz carlos

    Completely disappointing

    the seller described it as an unlocked cell phone, and this is a huge mistake. Cell phone blocked, I’m returning it now.

  52. HeatherMariee



    For the amount of money paid for this item, there was several deep scratches on the screen! 😡

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  53. Boenerge


    Great phone

    It is a great phone

  54. Amazon Customer

    Amazon Customer

    Great condition and super fast delivery!

    Really impressed with the product quality. It was in “like new condition.” The estimated delivery was in two days, but it arrived next day have order!

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  55. Joel M.

    Joel M.

    Buena compra

    El celular esta en perfectas condiciones, está prácticamente nuevo, hasta el momento que lleva de uso, me ha generado buena espectativa.

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  56. Siddharth


    Don’t worth it

    Don’t worth it for that price specially used phone when you can get new phone for cheaper at apple stores

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